Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Some people still do not believe in
Apparently, it is easier to believe in
Cherubs and angels and spirits in the sky -
There are still people who believe
The earth is flat.
There are still people who believe
God came out of the sky,
And made a man out of mud:
The Book says so.
No doubt life came out of the earth - 
Or the sky -
But God, the Potter,
Is a childish concept for rational adults
In our time.
The evidence shows
The process took billions of years.
Intelligent people
Will dare to look with open eyes, 
Beyond the dogmas and the pomp:
They will seek
A Greater Creator
Than their ancestors feared to imagine,
Or their parents dared to acknowledge. 
They will look outward - 
Far beyond the stars,
And inward -
Far beyond the atom,
They will seek to understand
The Truth
Beyond our understanding.
Give the Creator a little credit, folks.
His time is not our time.
God was not in a hurry to make a man.
Why are you in a hurry to make a God?
Come, let us reason together.
Phyllis Carter
Montreal, Canada
December 31, 2013

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