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I am a 77 year old Canadian journalist, blogger, activist, cancer patient, crime victim and general all-around stubborn fighter for justice - no matter what anyone else says or does.
I gave up voting years ago because experience taught me that, once elected, no politician can be trusted to do what is right.
Bill Moyers gives me hope for humanity. He tells the truth ! Unheard of !
He invites guests who dare to speak the truth ! Unbelievable !
He gives a platform to guests who are denied, insulted, accused, threatened and abused by the powerful white collar criminals who sell poisons to victims all over the world - asbestos, lead, tobacco, toxic plastic products and by-products. Oh, Bravo, Bill Moyers !
I am breaking my rule and posting the following promotion for the book written by your guests David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz - Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and The Fate of America's Children. They reveal the truth about the powerful corporations and their allies who are selling us poison.
I have no doubt that Canadians are in the same boat.

David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz on Toxic Disinformation

May 17, 2013

Science can be a battleground — witness the politics of climate change, the teaching of evolution, the uncharted terrain of genetic modification and stem cell research, among other contentious issues. But when industries release untested chemicals into our environment — putting profits before public health — our children are the first to suffer. Nowhere is this more troubling than in the ongoing story of lead poisoning.

Bill talks with David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz, public health historians who've been taking on the chemical industry for years — writing about the hazards of industrial pollution and the neglect of worker safety — despite industry efforts to undermine them. Their latest book, Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America's Children, is the culmination of 20 years of research. Markowitz and Rosner warn that, for young children, there's no safe level of exposure to this dangerous toxin still lurking in millions of homes.

The authors discuss thwarted efforts to hold the lead industry accountable, failed attempts to find cheap solutions, and the cost to the future of our children. As long as the chemical industry and its powerful lobbies prevail in blocking efforts to reform outdated laws, Markowitz and Rosner say, we will continue to float in a soup of toxins — inhaling, drinking, and absorbing chemicals that we may learn, years later, have put us all in harm's way.

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