Monday, May 13, 2013


There is one thing the Americans do better than Canadians: The Americans have law firms that work pro-bono, and others that will take a case and only charge a fee if they win the case for you.
In Canada, the lawyers will do absolutely nothing before you cross their palms with thousands of dollars.
And there are no guarantees. A lawyer can take your money and sit on it for months - or even years, and do nothing but go through the motions of filling out a few forms.
Canadian lawyers have no concern about justice or loyalty to a client or responsibility to win your case. It is all about money.
A Canadian doctor cannot refuse to save your life, but a lawyer will demand money before checking to see if your life is in danger.
To the best of my knowledge, based on experience, I have found that Canadian lawyers have no scruples and no shame. One lawyer - referred to me by the bar association in Montreal - took my money, put it in his pocket and then told me my case was too small for him to be bothered with it.
If anyone knows a lawyer in Quebec who loves justice more than money, I am eager to meet him or her.
And I also want to meet Santa Claus.

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