Wednesday, May 1, 2013


May 1, 2013
Now with more than 97,000 readers
From America to Australia, Africa, China and Russia.
But still no justice for victims of the Montreal Police.
I am fighting cancer,
And I am fighting for what is my own.
Dawn McSweeney stole Passaic, New Jersey, Deputy Sheriff, Cliff Carter's badge and much more - and I will pursue this case until my husband's precious badge and all our belongings are returned to us.
I will pursue this case to my last breath. And if I die before everything is returned to me and to my father's heirs, I trust my friends and my readers around the world will pick up this case and pursue it until everything Dawn McSweeney and her accomplices stole from us is returned to my heirs and to my father's heirs. This criminal case aided and abetted by the Montreal Police will not go away.
Marlene Jennings,
Member of Parliament
Quebec Deputy Police Ethics Commissioner,
Stated at two public meetings in Montreal in 2008,
"Mrs. Carter's rights were violated three times."
I am fighting cancer and I am fighting for what is my own. I am fighting for justice. I am fighting for my own precious belongings and everything Dawn McSweeney and those she calls her "partners in crime" stole from me and from my parents and my siblings and their children  - with the help of the Montreal Police - their complicity, negligence, irresponsibility and corruption.
This I vow.
Phyllis Carter
Detailed reports and pictures at  -
I am offering a $5,000. reward.

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