Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Through the centuries tyrants of religion have slaughtered millions of innocent people and animals in God's name.
No human being has the right to tell anyone else what to believe about the Creator. No person knows. No person can know. The Creator is far beyond our limited ability to comprehend.
Freedom of religion also means freedom from religions - official, organized religions -  and only tyrants and monsters dare to impose their will, their beliefs, upon anyone else. And they have for centuries.
Searching for some understanding of the infinite, I think God is either everything or nothing.
It is childish to believe in a limited God, a small human-like God, who thinks and behaves like an Earth person. But that's what most organized religions teach - a God made in man's image with all our human characteristics and qualities.
I don't see the Creator of infinite galaxies and atoms sitting up on a cloud above the Empire State building taking notes about our mistakes, deciding who should live and who should die, who should be plunged into eternal fires and who should sit basking in the warmth of His glory ... "His" - because, of course, the Creator of endless universes and all life must be like a human with a male appendage.
Since the universe is so huge and complex, I believe there is an Originator - an Intelligence that started everything and keeps everything running.
I suspect that "God" is everything and everywhere - Omnipotent - all powerful; Omniscient - all knowing; - and Omnipresent - everywhere.
If, "in the beginning" there was nothing - perhaps a vacuum - and then there was something, then everything must be a part of that Something we call "God".
My best guess is that we are all like cells in God's "body". And everyone and every thing has a function, a role, a purpose.
I think each person has work to do, because each of us is a part of the "body" and the mind of the Creator. I suspect that we are not merely members of a church or a synagogue or a mosque, or a family, or a race, - but cells in the body of the Originator and Sustainer of everything.

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