Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The body of a small child has been found in the Des Plaines River in North Riverside.

The Medical Examiner must now determine if it is the body of missing 1-year-old Bryeon Hunter of Maywood.

Bryeon's mother and her boyfriend have been charged with the boy's murder.
There are monsters on the loose and it isn't a fairy tale. We are living in a society, in a world, where the lives of the innocent are treated like garbage by too many nut cases.
I watch a lot of TV and if you see the kinds of people who appear on the daytime shows, you have to wonder where they were brought up and what happened to family and education. They can't speak properly. They curse and scream and hit even in front of millions of viewers. They use drugs and consider that normal. They lie about everything. They are promiscuous and infidelity is rampant.
Women are as bad as men, not knowing which of 8 or 10 men might be the father of their child and they are not even ashamed to tell the whole world about it. But our leaders never even mention these problems.

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