Friday, May 31, 2013


Irshad Manji

A video update on Imad Iddine Habib (عماد الدين حبيب). I introduced him to you last month, on his fourth night in hiding. Imad is founder of the ex-Muslims of Morocco. Police are after him for his open atheism and his vocal promotion of universal human rights.
In this 1-minute video, Imad issues a call to action for all of us: Please share and make others aware.
Phyllis Carter -  I can't get video as I do not have cable, but I want to express my interest and good wishes to any person who cares more about kindness and justice than about dogmatic religion. No one can prove God as they understand God. We can only try to make life safe and fair for all people.

Irshad Manji  - ALL: If you take up Imad's request, could you also post here the email address and/or phone number of your country's Moroccan embassy? Thanks so much.

Robin Ristander Moroccan embassy SWEDEN
Phone: +46 8 5455 1130
Irshad Manji  - Thank you so much, Robin! Blessings to you.

Hemin Kurda - How typical! The religion of peace forcing its former adverents to seek help from the infidels! Talk about "no coercion in religion"

Irshad Manji -  The trouble with Islam today is... Muslims.

Lydia Nacawa  - Son Excellence Mme Nouzha Chekrouni, Ambassadeur du Royaume du Maroc au Canada, Ambassade du Royaume du Maroc au Canada
38, Range Road
Ottawa - Ontario K1N 8J4
Fax : (613) 236-61 64

Angela Arigoni-Mesfioui  - In Morocco this is a huge no no...I have not seen anything on the news here about you know what region?

Abdu Muhammed-ali Mahmud  - What's wrong with the Moroccan authorities?"Let there be no compulsion in religion"says The Noble Qur'an, Islam is perfect,but Muslims are not. I hope one day we would find all Moroccans enjoying their freedom to love or leave Islam with the blessing of the same leaders that are now persecuting them!

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