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May 17, 2013
Steve Théberge
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The amendments that will be tabled will result in a new and improved law to protect linguistic security and vitality — for everyone
Don't be misled by political spin. The decades of bigotry will not end. The extremists will say and do anything to promote separatism and unilingualism. The object of the extremists is to purify the race, to eliminate in one way or another anyone who is not pure laine. If non-Francos leave, there is less likelihood of love and marriage among the people and the race will become purer. Sound familiar? You have to see beyond the end of your nose to the greater purpose, the long range intent. If you leave your home in Quebec, you help them achieve their aims. If you think it can't happen here, you are not paying attention.
That is true, Phyllis Carter. You have read between the lines very well. In each and every section, Jean-François Lisée and Diane De Courcy defend each clause they discuss in their proposed Bill 14 rather than admit that the bill in all its parts is geared toward the strengthening of the French language while at the same time diminishing the importance of the English language. Rather than offering a change in their proposals, they offer to postpone discussion of the merits of each to a later date - obviously an irrelevant suggestion as the bill will already have been passed. Do not forget an important truth here: once the bill is passed, "discussions" will no longer be necessary. The government can simply state that it is now law! "Bilingual cities: When we get to the discussion of that section of the bill in parliamentary committee, we will table amendments that will respect these principles, ensuring continuity, predictability and autonomy in the granting or reviewing of these bilingual statuses." The "ethnic minority" designation:

"We are seeking legal advice to review these concerns and may table an amendment in order to retain the former designation..." Notice that tiny word "may". The word also indicates that they "may" not do so. "The powers of the Office québécois de la langue française and of the minister: we are taking important steps to review the Office's practices, training and review processes to make sure that, in every case, professionalism and tact prevail." "We are taking important steps..." Really? What "steps" are they taking? They are not telling us! "The right to learn French, and English: the right to "live and work in French in Quebec." Excuse me? Since when have we not had that right. It has always been there. The real danger here is that they call it a "right" here when it is actually a law that excludes English or any other language for that matter. "let primary schools decide on the rhythm of implementation of intensive-English classes in Grade 6". If that is implemented, schools may simply decide to continue to postpone it indefinitely. "children of French-speaking military parents will be examined and discussed at a later date" - at a later date? Continued postponement. And what about English-speaking military parents? Hello?? "Language of work in medium-sized businesses: re-establishing French as the usual and common language at work in this singular corner of North America requires renewed efforts." The key word here is "re-establishing". This falsely implies that French used to be the usual and common language at work, no longer is, and this policy therefore, must be reinstated. This is a lie and a change in our history. English and/or French have both been the languages of the workplace. They want that changed to French only! "English CEGEPs:

We have been made aware that some graduates from English-language high schools were refused access to English-language CEGEPs solely because students from French-language schools had to be given priority admittance by reason of their better marks." Look at this illogical response. The PQ would have the marking system in high school be taken away as a priority. Why deny a French-speaking student the right to go to an English CEGEP just because an English speaking student who has poorer marks takes precedence simply because he or she happens to have English as a mother tongue? The only reason for this is that the PQ do not want French-speaking students to learn English. I suggest we all study this carefully. It is clear to me that deception is the goal here.
This is not new. It was going on in the 1970's, one "Bill" after another, trying to wedge into human rights, the ordinary human right to speak freely in your own language. If no one wants to listen, that's another matter - unless they are PAID to listen - like doctors, police, teachers, politicians- but every human being has a right to speak his or her mind, unless their speech advocates harm against someone.

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