Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We hear it over and over again. While those who are awake to reality fight to save what is left of our planet, those who see only to the ends of their noses fight for jobs and profits in oil and coal and nuclear energy.
It is the responsibility of governments who live on the public purse to provide education, food, shelter, health care and jobs to coal miners and oil workers so as not to leave them destitute while we try to save the world for our children and grandchildren - and perhaps save ourselves from immediate extinction or years of suffering with cancer due to a nuclear explosion.
We know there are huge resources for alternate energy: - The sun is there: We notice that when we get burned. The wind is there: We notice that when it blows down homes and trees. And the ocean waves are a source of endless power. We notice that during the tsunamis.
But it does not serve the greedy interests of the leaders of big industries to have the people invest in anything but coal, oil and nuclear power. It isn't that there are no other sources of energy available. The real problem is that big money wants more and more money. As if they could take it with them to their graves.
Those who are awake must start making real noise before it is too late.
Politicians do not listen to nice and polite.
Bravo to the brave people who are awake at Greenpeace !

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