Thursday, June 23, 2011


When people suggest a street name be changed, chances are they are not thinking beyond the ends of their own noses.
When a street name is changed, everyone living or running a business on that street has to change their address and let it be known to everyone they know and deal with.
People have to change their address for their driver's licenses, their health cards, utility companies, life insurance, their wills, and with their creditors and on and on. They have to inform their doctors and dentists and pharmacies and groceries and credit card lenders, and banks and telephone and Internet servers. And all government agencies - including those responsible for income tax and pensions.
The signs on the street have to be changed. Maps have to be changed. City directories have to be changed. Telephone information sources have to make the change. It is an insane thing to do. It costs a fortune to the city and to all the people living and working on the street and up to higher governments who have to change all their documents. Anyone with whom you have outstanding business will have to figure out that you have a new address.
And you never know who you have forgotten to tell that you have a new address. Friends and relatives you haven't been in touch with may never know why you have disappeared.

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