Thursday, June 16, 2011


June 16, 2011

RIOTS, VANDALISM, DRUNKENNESS AND DESTRUCTION: When ever, where ever there is an opportunity to cause misery, there are always fools and villains who will do so. Why?  Because there are no consequences. 

Pardon (from Zimbabwe) - Sometimes those who do riots are not fools or villains, but victims who could not find justice in the courts of "justice", or may be courts of "injustice".
I am a victim of the Montreal, Quebec and Canadian injustice system. Since I am not a fool or a villain, I do not damage anyone's property - not even the property of the thief who destroyed my family and my health.
Those who damage the innocent because they feel they have been wronged are fools and cowards. If someone has wronged you, your grievance is with that person. Why harm the innocent?  No. There is no excuse. It is pure evil.


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