Saturday, June 11, 2011


Come along with me as I buy a used car. I am a 75 year old Montreal journalist, widow, cancer patient, crime victim and blogger.
When I fell ill with bone cancer in April, 2009, my Plymouth Voyageur sat in the parking lot all through the winter and rusted out. I had to scrap it.
Driving is as natural to me as walking and I can drive better now than I can walk. I started driving at seventeen and I longed to get another car.
And so, on April 30,  2011, I found a used car dealer - D.G.B. Auto at 6965 St. Jacques West in Montreal - and I bought the first car that was offered to me. I really felt a kinship with that car immediately and the dealer's wife, Homa, is such a pleasant woman, I felt good about plunging in. I have never been a gambler, but with my limited resources, I was not of a mind to go shopping.
I didn't argue about the price $2,200. for a 2001 Nissan Sentra. I just signed all the papers, the guarantee on the motor and transmission, the paper where Mike, the owner of the dealership, promised to do certain repairs, and I paid the full price immediately. Crazy? It's easy to shop judiciously when you are young and healthy. Not so when you have difficulty getting around.
Homa was very gracious. She drove me to the car registration office and took care of all the paperwork. It was such a relief not to have to try to stand in line-ups and figure out documents alone.
Now this is an on-going story, so I invite the reader to follow as I report all the details of my experience buying a used car in Montreal.
Stay tuned for the next episode.
Phyllis Carter

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