Saturday, June 11, 2011


Any rational adult who has lived in a city should know that before buying a used car, he or she should have the car inspected. In my circumstances, I just couldn't handle it - the way I can't handle income tax. I thank God for a wonderful friend who takes care of that for me. 
So, on April 30, 2011, I just plunged in and signed the papers and bought the car from DGB Auto.

Quickly afterward, squeaks and squeals caught my attention.
I asked one of my friends, a gentleman named Leslie, for advice. He referred me to a mechanic named Fred and I brought the car to Fred on May 2, 2011.

Here is the list that Fred gave me:

Oil pan leak -
("not leaking yet, but if I just put my finger against it ..." Fred says )
Two wheel bearings
Power steering leak
Two front links
Two front disks
Brake pads
Four spark plugs
Shocks not too good
Gas smell inside car ("Can't find the leak". Fred says.)
Estimate $608.00.
I take a deep breath. I promise myself to stay calm. Of course, it is a used car. I didn't expect a new car. But I did expect the car to be safe.
I called Leslie and asked if he could accompany me to the dealer. He arranged to meet me before going into work the next day.
Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Early that morning Leslie and I presented Fred's inspection report to Mike at DGB. He agreed to do the repairs and kept the car until May 6.

On May 6, when Homa drove me to the car registration office, both of us had difficulty with the driver's side door handle. Mike took the car into the shop and it worked better after that.
Before I signed the contracts on April 30, I asked Mike
Was the car stolen ?
Are there any outstanding debts or liens?
Was the car in an accident?
He answered "No" to each of these questions. And then I signed.
But it didn't take long before I saw that the paint on the passenger side front fender was different from the rest and there were slight dents in the passenger side door. I decided to let it pass.
I mentioned it to Homa on June 6. She said that when I had asked if the car was in an accident, and Mike said it wasn't, it was because that sort of thing isn't really an accident. I didn't argue.
There were still problems with the car - The brakes still squealed, the left rear wheel squeaks almost all the time while I am driving, the hard black plastic "gasket?" around the driver's side window was broken, but I hadn't noticed it until I found the rain was dripping down the inside of the door. And Mike had not repaired the headlight covers. They agreed to take care of it.
Homa drove me home and brought the car back to DGB. The car was there for several days because Mike has been suffering from bad back pain and I can certainly relate to that. I waited.
June 6, 2011 - Homa brought the car back to me and I drove her back to DGB, The headlight covers were cleared. There was some dry white glue where the gasket had been repaired. It felt so good to be at the wheel of my car at last.
I drove Homa back to the dealership and returned home. On the way up the hill, the brakes squealed, the wheel squeaked, and then I saw the needle on the dashboard gauge was touching HOT. I turned back to the garage immediately.
Mike was so kind. He replaced the thermostat and told me it cost $19.95. He didn't charge me for it.
Mike and Homa have been so pleasant to me. They keep telling me, "Don't worry. If you have a problem, come back to us."
But now I am worried. What about that oil pan? Was it changed?  "Don't worry."
Why do the brakes keep squealing? Mike says he put in good quality brakes and brake pads and that's why they are squealing.
What about the rear wheel?  Homa drives the car and she never hears the squeaking.
What about the power steering leak? That never even came up. 
And so, I decide that I must finally plunge in and have a full inspection of the car.
It is sitting at a reputable garage now, and I am waiting.
Stay tuned for the next episode of -

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