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Quebec is on the verge of insanity. Extremists continue to press for more and more oppressive laws -  called "bills"  - that aim to segregate, ostracize, humiliate, intimidate and divide Canadians. Their true agenda is to make it uncomfortable for citizens who are not "pure laine" to live in Quebec, or to submit and accept oppression in obedient silence. What next?
The true agenda of the extremists is to force another exile of minority peoples from Montreal - as we saw in the 1970's when the long established Sun Life insurance company packed up lock, stock and barrel and headed west, and many able bodied, educated young people followed.
For decades, the extremists - "separatists" - have pressed for more and more legislation designed to make Quebec a ghetto for people who claim genuine French roots. Shades of Nazi Germany!
Bill after Bill has been passed through the Quebec Legislature - renamed the "National Assembly" -  designed to make life in Montreal uncomfortable for those who cannot - or choose not to - claim pure "racial" connections with France.
Now, the separatists - who have gained more and more power by wearing away common sense and gaining public office - are playing the religion card - another gimmick to turn people against minorities .... French Quebecois against Canadian Quebecer.
I do not want to see a bloodied Jesus hanging from the wall at public meetings or in schools.
I do not want to see women heavily robed in baggy clothing that might conceal weapons.
I do not want to see women wearing masks - burkas. Are they so ugly that they must hide their faces? Are they so beautiful that their men cannot keep their hands off them? Why should they hide their faces?
Bank robbers wear masks. Dignified, self-respecting women should not.
But there can be no just reason to impede men or women from wearing a Cross, a Star of David, a kippah or yamulke (skull cap) - or a veil over their hair to show their modesty - and yes, their faith.
No one has a right to intimidate or brain wash children in Canada  - any part of Canada. I do not want anyone to indoctrinate children toward  - or against - any religious philosophy. Choice of religion - or none - must be made without pressure. It is a very personal and private right in a free society.  The government of Quebec today is infringing on that right.
Why do I not hear the elected Government of Canada speaking these truths?
Phyllis Carter
Nariman Eldoraini wears a hijab during a gathering in Montreal Sunday to oppose Quebec's proposed secular charter. If implemented, the law would ban the wearing of religious symbols and clothing in all public institutions.

Nariman Eldoraini wears a hijab during a gathering in Montreal Sunday to oppose Quebec's proposed secular charter. If implemented, the law would ban the wearing of religious symbols and clothing in all public institutions. (Graham Hughes/CP)  

With hearings on the secular charter due to begin Tuesday morning at the national assembly, many Quebecers are wearing overt religious symbols today as a form of protest.

"Today basically is just to show up to work, to their everyday life and adopt one of the four symbols the [Parti Québécois] is planning to ban, so either the hijab, the turban, the kippah or a large cross," said Sama Al-Obaidy, the creator of the Support Another Facebook page.

She started the Facebook page after an incident in the Montreal Metro about five weeks ago.

Sama Al-Obaidy

Sama Al-Obaidy and her sister Yusr started Support Another after Sama was attacked on the Metro. (CBC) (CBC)

"A lady came up and tried to remove my hijab forcefully," Al-Obaidy said.

"She told me my hijab and myself don't belong in Quebec and after a few exchanges of words she decided to start pulling on my veil. As it started getting loose I had to eventually stop her," she said.

The attack is one in a long string of altercations that have occurred since the PQ announced its proposed secular, or values, charter.

The charter would ban overt religious symbols in the public sector workplace.

Al-Obaidy decided to organize a day of action for today, just before the start of the Bill 60 hearings.

On Sunday, Al-Obaidy, along with her sister Yusr, Hampstead Mayor Bill Steinberg and others, handed out kippas and other religious symbols for people to wear on Monday.

The Facebook page links to videos on how to wrap a turban and hijab.

Stay tuned to the CBC Montreal website for coverage of the Bill 60 hearings.
I was at protests for human rights in the early 1970's when I stood on Parliament Hill with the community of Italian Canadians fighting for the right of their children to learn English.
Phyllis Carter

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Cindy Colin said...

You are misinforming people!!! Making false propaganda! SHAME on you!!

Hugo Shebbeare said...

Thank you Phyllis Carter for yet another clear nail in the coffin of the politics of division and xenophobia we witness here in QC. Now, the CBC is publishing every attack, and has documentation of the QC 'state' sanctioned discriminatory legislation. Very well said, and indeed hônte à vous Madame Colin. Ce sont les gens comme vous qui continue cette situation dans la belle province ou on vit l'intolérance légiféré !!!