Thursday, January 23, 2014


Abortion is serious business. It is not a question of what  kind of nail polish you like or a choice of furniture. Anyone who would actually play with abortion - use it frivolously - is an ignorant, irresponsible, uneducated, selfish fool.
At the same time, abortion decided on by a woman for her own personal reasons is her right. No one should tell a woman whether or not she should have an abortion. No one! It is her body. Her life. Her soul - if that is what concerns you. The fetus will grow in her body. She is the one who must livc with the thing inside her for nine months - and then suffer the labour pains and the episiotomy. She will be the one to take care of the child in every way for 18 years, day and night, no matter the condition of that child, no matter what her circumstances. 
Well-meaning, bible thumpers, mind your own business! You can be darling, good people, but on this issue you can be our worst enemy. 
If a woman needs to have an abortion, it must be her decision. How dare anyone put their noses between the legs of another person, look up into her vagina, determine her personal value, her fate in the afterlife, and tell her what she must or must not do - claiming godly authority over her body and her soul ! How dare you!
The nicest people can be arrogant, presumptuous, even cruel, when they claim to be acting on behalf of God. God did not step out of the clouds and elect you to rule over the lives of others.
You are not God. If you care about justice, be kind, be helpful, answer questions if the lady asks - and if you are qualified to do so by virtue of education or experience.
Otherwise focus your concerns on your own body and soul. Check your own house, your own motives.
Mind your own business. If you can't help, at least don't hurt.

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