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                        Luke  18
I wish I had the stuff to be a criminal. Under Canadian law, I would have rights and privileges. I could steal and keep and enjoy what I steal. I could beat my enemies to a pulp without fear of the law.
If the police ever decided to file a report against me, and if the police ever pursued the case and caught me, the government would provide me with lawyers, legal loop holes, excuses, court delays and all sorts of perks.
If I were ever found guilty, I could get a good education in jail, maybe learn the law and get myself out on some technicality. I could get bail. I could ask for a pardon. I could claim temporary insanity and a miracle cure - a jail house conversion, seeing the light. I could cry and get all my relatives to cry for me for the cameras. While in jail, I would receive health care and enjoy bed and board, and recreation and entertainment without cost. Anything I had stolen and hidden would be waiting for my happy return.
And then, of course, I soon would be free again to steal again and hurt more helpless people. Because this is Canada, and Canadian law favours criminals.
I venture to copy the following article from, not for personal gain, but to illustrate a case where I believe more criminals soon will get away with brutality against the innocent. I believe that, if and when the butchers are caught, in a flash of the gavel, they will be absolved of the heartless slaughter of the majestic, gentle swans.
Perhaps they will be teenagers and the courts will pooh-pooh the error of their ways -  or they will say they were drunk and didn't know what they were doing. Canadian law will slap them with a few words of disapproval and they soon will be free to commit more atrocities.
Unfortunately, I was not given the stuff needed to be a criminal. Even as a child, I was bringing home baby birds with injured wings, lost puppies, wandering kittens. Before I was a teenager, I reached out to an awkward boy who was rejected and insulted by the class hussy, and my mother fed him cake and ice cream. All my life, I have fought for justice. All my life, I have fought to protect the innocent and the helpless. And I have almost always fought alone.
I have fought many battles against many villains over the decades, but only once did someone stand beside me and support me. You can read the details of that case at The article is titled: Montreal Police Dodge, Stifle and Bury Vital Reports.
In that case, a man named Brian Curnock and two Montreal Police detectives supported me against people who tried to kill me for trying to start a tenants' association.
But, apart from that one case, I have always fought alone. That is why I am a loser. Canadian law makes me a loser. Politicians, the police, Quebec Human Rights Commission - all of them find reasons not to help crime victims - because Canadian law favours criminals.
And still, fool that I am - happy to be the fool that I am - I believe in Camelot.
I will not stop fighting for justice.
Swan beaten to death

With a memorial flower placed nearby by a passersby, a grieving Nick the Swan returns to the nest where his mate Angela died and their seven eggs were removed or destroyed early Sunday morning in Stratford, Ont. It appears Angela was a victim of vandals. (QMI Agency/Scott Wishart)

STATFORD, Ont. – The town of Stratford, Ont., is reeling after vandals beat and killed a local swan.

Quin Mallot, the city's manager of forestry and parks, said swans often fall victim raccoons, dogs, mink, birds of prey, snapping turtles or even other swans. But in his 10 years on the job, he's never seen anything like his.

The adult female swan named Angela was found floating in the city's Avon River this morning.

"It was an act of vandalism," said Mallot. "If it's an animal there are feathers and remnants of eggs and things like that. Animals just aren't that tidy."

The swan's eggs were also missing.

"We're sure it was humans," he added. "There were some beer bottles by the nest and there were some mailboxes tipped over further up the street. Plus, some people on William Street reported hearing a commotion around where the nest is sometime after the bars closed."

Angela and her mate, Nick, have a nest at the southeast corner of the local William Hutt Bridge.

Swans are social animals, said Mallot. He said Angela and Nick had taken to stopping young swans from going past the William Hutt Bridge and going over the nearby dam.

Sunday, Nick could be seen rummaging through the nest, presumably grieving for his mate and looking for the eggs.

"Angela would have been defenceless because she wouldn't leave the eggs. She would be defending the nest and would refuse to move and literally would be a sitting duck. I don't know if they kicked her to death or stomped on her, but she would have been defenceless.

"I can accept it if it is another animal. That's life and that's nature. But the mentality of the people who did this is really unsettling. Drunk or not, it's scary to think there are people in this community that could kill a defenceless animal for no reason."

Word travelled fast Sunday. Locals went to the bridge and paid their respects by leaving behind flowers.

Mallot said protecting swans is difficult.

"You can try and fence them in, but they move around. They are wild animals."

Police have been notified.

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