Monday, June 14, 2010


                        Luke  18
For those who have taken an interest in my case, I copy the following letter that I sent to the Honourable Irwin Cotler, Canada's Minister of Justice in 2005.
Hon. Irwin Cotler, Minister of Justice,
Department of Justice,
Ottawa, Canada,
K1A 0-H8
May 17, 2005
Dear Professor,
Here I am again. I took your advice and sent my case to Protecteur du Citoyen. And, once again, I have run into that inevitable wall: It is not in their jurisdiction. This time it is because my claim did not get to them early enough. I never even heard of the Protecteur du Citoyen before you wrote to me earlier this year. The Protecteur writes that I had to ask their help when the Police Ethics Commissioner wrote to me in 2000. How could I ask the Protecteur for help when I had no idea that this organization or agency existed? It was not for lack of trying, I assure you.
At the time I was robbed, I begged the police for help. I begged my MNA. Russell Copeman for help,. I begged Marlene Jennings for help. I begged the people in charge of Legal Aid for help. I have folders full of letters and rejections and excuses. It is not in our jurisdiction. Everyone says, "It is not in our jurisdiction."
I have been fighting alone since October 7, 1996 when I was attacked and robbed in my home. A police officer helped the thief. Dawn McSweeney took everything I had worked for all my life. Years later I learned that she had also robbed my parents. And no one will help me, More recently, my aged mother was taken from her home and, again, the police refused to look into it.
My mother would now be 92 years old and no one in the family knows where she is or how she is because the thief and her accomplices took her out of the family home and will not let anyone communicate with her. Since my mother's mental health was questionable for many years, it is likely she became an accomplice in her own disaster.

The thief and her accomplices took everything. The entire family was torn apart because of the robbery. And no one will help. I have spent more than eight years - days and nights - writing letters.
All I want is justice. All I am asking for is what is my own. All I want is that the truth be told in a court of law. But I cannot afford a lawyer and no one will help me. I am not looking for money. I do not want compensation. I want justice. I am a cancer survivor and almost 69 yeas old now and I am spending my precious life begging for justice.
Phyllis Carter
If the Minister of Justice of Canada, Irwin Cotler, had helped me, I would not still be pleading for justice thirteen years after the crimes began,.
This battle for justice continues.

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