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June 29, 2010

Sandie Martins-Toner

Sandie Martins-Toner is hoping to get all of Matthew's personal belonging back from IHIT this week. I can't wait to hold his things. I've waited years for this day.....

Don-Nancy Curry
Sandie, this is one more thing I had no idea that you had to suffer through. I had no idea that his possessions were withheld from you this long. What on earth is the reasoning behind that?
about an hour ago ·
Sandie Martins-Toner
I have always been told that I could not have any of it until the end of the first trial as everything on his body was entered as evidence as Forslund had robbed him, and had all of Matthew's things in his possession when he was arrested, including Matty's little shoes. the I was told that I couldn't have them back because of the appeal, and the ... See Moresecond trial. Now that we know that there will be no more trials, or appeals, we can finally get those things back. I have dreamed of the day that I could hold my sons jewelery, his wallet etc...It's all he had left.
about an hour ago ·
Lynn Roberts
I was awhile getting my son's personal belongings also, and it felt so good to hold his things and even if there wasn't any smells, I could imagine them. I now wear one of his shirts when I need to be really close to him. It is such a bittersweet moment !
My thoughts are with you ♥
about an hour ago ·
Jan Bell
Sandie, I sure hope that by getting Matty's stuff back that it will bring you some closure finally. Chin up sweet thing.
about an hour ago ·
Mariposa Navarro
Sandie. I always have you, Matthew and your family in m prayers.
about an hour ago ·
Don-Nancy Curry
Sandie and Lynn...this is heartbreaking and I am so sorry. Maybe to the "system" this makes sense, but as mothers, I honestly do not know how you cope. Still so much for me to learn so that I can walk more closely with people like you who have experienced an ultimate nightmare.
about an hour ago ·
Sandie Martins-Toner
Thank you everyone..Yes! it is hard to understand these things especially when all that you want is a little reminder of your child through his most personal belongings. I have just been told that half of his things are with the detachment, and half with the courts. I will be meeting the officers this afternoon to get back his keys and wallet, and now I wait to hear back from the courts to get his chain and crucifix, his phone and watch back. I pray I can get them before this Friday!!
about an hour ago ·
Phyllis Carter
Sandie Martins-Toner is hoping to get all of Matthew's personal belonging back from IHIT this week. I can't wait to hold his things. I've waited years for this day....

Oh! I know what you mean , Sandie. As you know, Dawn McSweeney stole all my valuables - including Cliff's trademark Stetson fedora, his deputy sheriff's badge, his rings, our wedding portrait. She stole jewellery - like any other thief - but she also stole personal things because she knew how much it would hurt me. But I am fighting to see her tried in criminal court. Fighting night and day. And I know that you will find hope and strength in fighting for what belongs to you.

My heart is with you.
about an hour ago · 
Sheila Anne Williams
I pray you get it all back.
55 minutes ago ·
Maria Jose Ubico
big hug Sandy! all my love
41 minutes ago ·
Cassandra Moyles
Stay Strong Sandie!!! Love from Newfoundland!
17 minutes ago ·
Nancy Curry
In tears again at the assaults against the very fibre of Sandie, Lynn and Phyllis. Lord have mercy on you, and all of us as we seek to pray and support and understand the terrible wounds that have been inflicted on each of you. I am so sorry.
16 minutes ago ·
Phyllis Carter
I so appreciate your support. I have been so alone fighting these injustices for thirteen years. It has torn my life - my family's lives - apart. And the worst part is that the people we elect and pay to protect us don't give a damn. But now that crime victims are coming together, I see the first rays of hope. The more victims who speak out, the more powerful we will become.

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