Thursday, June 17, 2010


Everyone lies. It's tragic. It's disgusting, It's sickening - because it's true. Everyone lies sometime and so many people lie for a living. Everyone knows that politicians lie. Advertisers lie constantly. Sales people lie for increased profits. Soap operas keep the viewers coming back day after day, year after year, because all the characters keep you hooked by lying.
Most movie plots and characters operate on the principle of lies and deception - Who done it? Smoke and mirrors. We are entertained and enjoy the game and, in the context of entertainment, the satisfaction is legitimate. It answers some need deep inside us to play this game.
But in real life, we really suffer because we live with lies all the time.
Spouses lie to each other - and to their lovers. Children lie to their parents, especially when they reach the teenage years. The police lie to cover up for each other's misdeeds. Lawyers' lies are the substance of their trade.
Little children learn to lie as soon as they learn to speak - to cover up for their mishaps and mistakes, to avoid anticipated punishment and to get what they want.
Everyone lies. Where can we turn for hope ?
You would think that you could trust a respected physician, especially at a major Montreal hospital's emergency department. You would think that if the physician did anything wrong, abusive, the hospital authorities would take appropriate action against him. Think again. Read about the cover-up, the smoke and mirrors, the polishing of the truth, the verbal slap on the wrist, when this doctor threw my life away on April 1, 2009. Read about Dr. Jerome Stasiak at
Where do we turn for hope? Millions of people have turned to the churches, to their priests and ministers. The news is full of the truth about that these days. We all know now that, for decades, if not for centuries, the worst, most malicious liars have been the priests that people turned to for comfort and protection and truth.
In my own experience, I was attacked by my own mother because my niece, Dawn McSweeney, lied to her. My mother was persuaded to believe that I was a villain because I had become a Christian. Our family was torn apart by Dawn McSweeney's lies and crimes.
Read the reports of this catastrophe at
And for anyone who questions if I am telling the truth, I have offered the Montreal Police more than once to take a polygraph test at any time. But they refused me saying that they believe me. Still, the police continue to cover for their officer who helped Dawn McSweeney rob me at 4995 Prince of Wales, NDG, Montreal, on October 7, 1996..
I wish that when someone is lying their nose would grow like Pinocchio's or their faces would turn a sickly shade of puce, so that everyone could see clearly what only those who are awake can detect most of the time.
Or we could have a swearing in ceremony when a child enters first grade. The future liar would be fitted with a small, unobtrusive device that would send out a loud alarm of bells and whistles as soon as the delinquent started to tell a lie.
What a world this would be if people told the truth ! Just spend a little time tonight imagining what it would be like not to lie, and to know that no one is lying to you - or to your children. Imagine how you would manage your day if you had to tell the truth all the time. Imagine how well you might sleep at night if you had not lied at all.
I hardly ever sleep, not because I lie, but because I spend my nights and my days reporting the truth. When I am not writing, I am thinking about ways I might finally persuade the authorities to take appropriate action against Dawn McSweeney and her self-proclaimed "partners in crime"-  the criminals who destroyed my family. It is easier to drag my tired body to the computer and write what I am thinking, than it is to just lie there in the dark and think about what Dawn McSweeney's lies, greed, jealousy and hatred have done to my family and how the injustice system has failed to care about the crimes she and her "partners in crime" - including the Montreal Police - have committed.
But I am never kept awake because of lying. I was raised in a family where I could never know if my mother was lying or just kidding. She did all of that all the time. There came a time after Dawn McSweeney robbed me that I told my father that I would never again keep any family secrets or bend the truth to protect the family. Dawn McSweeney's lies destroyed our family and now I insist on telling the truth.
So if you have any secrets, don't tell me, because I refuse to keep secrets or to lie. The burden of lying is just too much to bear. The consequences of lying, or being lied to, leave wounds on our lives and scars on our souls.
Only the truth can set us free.
                        Luke  18

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