Sunday, April 29, 2018


Anja Hurst
Vom 21. bis zum 30. Juni 2018 werden Anlässlich der Sommersonnenwende wieder über 10.000 Hunde und Tausende von Katzen, im chinesischen Yulin live geschlachtet ...
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From 21. To 30. June 2018, more than 10.000 dogs and thousands of cats are slaughtered on the occasion of the summer solstice.

They are tortured, skinned and cooked alive. They are burned and hung with the burner. They are sadistic, beaten and drowned. The screams of the animals are unbearable!!!

Despite years of protests, this year was again called The Massacre.

Thousands of dogs and cats continue to be tortured and tortured in the most brutal manner so that they can spill a lot of Because, like superstition, when a lot of adrenaline is poured out, the flesh becomes particularly delicate.

They are caught with the worst methods, crammed into dozens of tight cages, without water, and in fear of death, they wait for days Even before the innocent animals are stolen, they won't be stopped

Even if china writes its own laws, we cannot allow it. Everyone can do something. Please distribute petitions on Facebook, groups, email and whatsapp. Ask all your friends to sign. Together we can finally stop the suffering and set a sign worldwide!


See for Yourself -  The cruelty The Chinese commit against thousands of helpless dogs, cats, rabbits, geese and other animals, torturing them for fun, strangling dogs and cats, tearing the feathers from live geese, the skin from live rabbits and the limbs from live dogs. They are among the most savage people on earth. · 

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