Friday, November 6, 2015


Mark David - A few years ago, Kasim Hafeez (a very courageous individual - check him out on Facebook or the web) visited Halifax to give a presentation about his unique journey of self-discovery that transformed him from being a Muslim who hated Israel to becoming a Muslim who loved Israel


The usual suspects showed up at a local campus to protest, distract and intimidate. Sadly, they succeeded in causing enough of a disturbance that the presentation had to be cut short.

Prior to that occurring, one particularly obnoxious man in a motorized wheelchair shouted out very loudly "What has Israel ever done for the world?", then turned about and directed his wheelchair out of the room.

Leaving aside all of the easily demonstrable wonderful things that Israel has disproportionately contributed to the world in so many ways, I immediately thought of amazing work by Israeli physicians, inventors, etc., (of which this story above is just the most recent example) that were so specific to whatever had caused him to become wheelchair bound.

I wonder whether that individual and his fellow travelers are so filled with hate that they would deny themselves the prospect of a better life simply because that prospect originated in Israel. If so, then I guess they get what they deserve.

Oh - and by the way - where do senior Hamas terrorist leaders send their family when they are really, really sick and need the very best medical care? Israel. Case closed.
BDS isn't about peace, it's about hate.

The British Muslim who went from bullying for Palestine to crying at the…


Phyllis Carter -  In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, an esteemed leader of the Quebec Separatists, Jacques Parizeau, stated that the Separatists were losing power because of "the ethnics and the Jews." It was the 20th century.

Then something happened. Jacques Parizeau had a health problem. Where did he turn for help? Montreal is full of French Catholic and Protestant-based hospitals. Jacques Parizeau went to the JEWISH General Hospital and later, he praised the care he received there.

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