Thursday, November 26, 2015


Tractate Sanhedrin 72a-74a teaches us that we have an absolute right to use the minimum necessary amount of lethal force to save human life, but we ourselves become murderers if we use more force than necessary.
While Rabbis For Human Rights condemns Palestinian terrorism and acknowledges that there are cases where killing terrorists or suspected terrorists is the only way to prevent them from murdering others, there have been an alarming number of recent incidents in which it appears that Palestinians were killed when they were no longer capable of injuring others. Acknowledging the complexity of these cases, we call for transparent investigations. The makeup of the investigatory panels must not be limited to members of the security forces because it is almost impossible for members of the security forces to expose wrongdoing by their "brothers in arms." RHR is alarmed by the calls to ensure that no terrorist leaves the scene alive.
Ze'ev Bielski, the mayor of Raanana, recently provided a positive example of proper behavior. After participating in neutralizing a potential terrorist he defended the same potential terrorist from those who sought to lynch him.
Those who have acted in recent weeks both to prevent acts of terror and to protect terrorists once they are no longer a threat sanctify God's Name, and exemplify the high value that the Jewish tradition places on human life.
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November 23
In past two days, Palestinian girls attacked Israelis and were shot to death by Israeli security forces when lying motionless on the ground, posing no danger. Since early Oct., 48 knife attacks on Israelis have ended with Palestinian assailants/suspects shot to death. The recent surge of knife attacks is horrifying and security forces must protect the public and apprehend suspects, but they cannot act as judge or executioner. Top officials encourage the public to shoot anyone suspected of attacking Israelis, regardless of whether they pose danger, raising concern that these acts will go uninvestigated and the killers will continue to be role models.
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Photo: Israeli police officer shoots girl lying motionless on the ground today (23 November, 2015) in Jerusalem. From video footage

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