Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It is one thing to be concerned, cautious, guarded, alert, as Muslims pour into Europe in their thousands. Anyone with normal intelligence must realize that spies and terrorists will slip in with them.
It is something else to blame all Muslim people for the acts of the terrorists. Muslim people all over the world are suffering the backlash set off by the criminals who use their version of God as the excuse for their atrocities.
The killers are a breed apart. They are - and they attract - mentally ill people. Ordinary Muslin people who just want to live and let live should not be blamed for the acts of the terrorists. But how can we know?
Anyone who has been awake for a few decades must remember that enemy nations plant "sleepers" among their targets - terrorists who live next door, plant rose bushes, help at the soup kitchen, send their little children to boy scouts - until the day their masters call them into action.
This is in addition to the fact that every nation, every group, has fools who help terrorists out of ignorance or simple insanity. You have only to follow comments on Facebook to see the evidence.

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