Sunday, November 15, 2015


Mazhar AL Amir Rehman shared Marc N Benhuri's photo.
They are only Terrorist not belongs to any specific Religion, Country or Place as Dr Marc N Benhuri describes they are hated Peoples No Moral Values Nor Religion they are outclass from the Society they live like an Animal !!
Marc N Benhuri
New York, NY, United States

They are Islamic scumbag terrorist without moral value , without love. They are brainwashed to hate everyone that is not Moslem. They wake up with hate , they leave with hate all day long and they go to sleep with hate. What a disgusting life.

Phyllis Carter - These are difficult times. Unfortunately the terrorists claiming to be Muslims throw a dark shadow of fear and hate over Muslim people who have done nothing to earn the stigma and the fallout. How can we know who is a terrorist and who is an innocent Muslim? I have Muslim friends. I trust them, love them. They have come to my aid at times when I needed help desperately. There are many Muslim people living in my neighbourhood. They seem friendly and kind - but how can I know... Surely a terrorist "sleeper" would
seem nice. How can we know?

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