Wednesday, November 18, 2015


In any group, there is a variety of people with different experiences and different characters. Many problems take root when one or more people claim GOD as their own property. 

Since the "God" idea is invisible and cannot be proved or disproved, people with mental problems can be persuaded to believe that some individual has special privileges and powers to speak and act as a chosen agent of the God who gives dictation to prophets and scribes. 

That kind of power cannot be disputed - except by the very brave who dare to question. The ones who dare to say, BUT THE EMPEROR IS NAKED. 

I once asked a question in a bible study session in my Anglican church. I asked the reader which version of the bible he was quoting from. 

One of the members of the church - a kind, quiet gentleman up to that point - arose and accused me of being sent by the devil to disrupt the study. 

You can't argue with the ether. You can't reason with nuttiness. You can't prove or disprove that The Creator of Galaxies and Universes wants this or that. 

All you can do is quote from scripts written by MEN for shepherds and fishermen a couple of thousand years ago - and claim that GOD SAID SO. 

I say, "Was you there Johnny?"

I say that the One who created everything must also have created our brains, and if we honour The Creator, we ought to use them.

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