Thursday, November 26, 2015


The photos that accompanied this message from China are too horrible to see.

Compassion for China's Animals - 颗对中国动物的怜悯心 

(Those) contacted by the activists but have taken no action.

"Yang Lane lamb market, hang a sheep's head and sell dog meat, Who will save them.

Today, the city's animal protection volunteers came to the Yang Lane lamb market. Here sticking everywhere, there are dog meat traders take the field stripping, dogs barking tragic. 

Despite so many days under the rain, but the blood stains on the ground, in the air did not smell of blood spread. Volunteers from yesterday called Yixing City Health Authority, up to now no one has responded. Come Help them, dog dealers to answer is: are they raised their own, but can also be seen from the picture, some of these dogs have collars around the neck, Golden Retriever, Alaska, beagle .... .. other dogs, are waiting for the fate of killed, not to mention part of our China Chinese rural dogs, they are the future of what should go. Innocent dog's eyes, did not win the dog stall a little sympathy when they see volunteer time, still whimpering, wagging his tail, hoping to save them.

If they are on the table, but in this environment, so health, you dare eat it, most of the dogs mostly they stole, some dogs also under the poison, who will guarantee our health. Our eating dog rabies every year, and even poisoned the case, and a minority You down to eat its meat, which dedicate their lives"

#‎animalProtectionLaws called for #EndDogMeatTrade

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Phyllis Carter said...

NOTE: I have published this message without editing. I do not endorse or support ANY petitions.
I am sickened by the atrocities committed against helpless animals by the Chinese and also by people in Thailand, not to mention their cruelty to children. Some people in South Korea also commit such atrocities.