Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The number of Americans who are "absolutely certain" God exists dropped.
The Pew Research Center's follow-up study on religion in the U.S. found that Americans are becoming less religious, specifically young adults who are less likely to believe in God, pray daily or regularly attend religious services.
The God created by men two and three thousand years ago was an idea developed to answer all the unanswerable scary questions. How come?
The religions created by men were designed to teach farmers and shepherds to wash their hands and stop beating their wives - except when it was necessary to stone them.
The "Holy" books told stories, fables, parables, offered poetry and gave men an excuse to control the lives - the minds, the property, the labour, the wealth - of their tribes. My God is bigger than your God, they told idol worshippers. My God is so big you can't even see Him. My God is so good, he will forgive you for any bad thing you do - even seventy-times-seven times - if you say you're sorry -and mean it.
And now it is the 21st Century and we have seen the stars - the planets. Worst of all - most frightening of all - We have seen Earth from space and now we know God is not up there, and we are living on a tiny ball spinning in space.
The Old Man God still feared and worshipped by millions of people is not floating on Michaelangelo's cloud.
But SOMEONE dreamed a dream that exploded and created everything. There is a real God, so great and complex, we cannot even imagine "Him?"
And no man owns him.
Phyllis Carter

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