Wednesday, November 5, 2014


The problem with Barack Obama
He Is Not God
Barack Obama is an idealist, an intellectual, a man of reason who also has a heart. A breath of fresh air in a world full of corrupt politicians and brutal tyrants. He is not a politician. He is not a warrior.
The United States of America is not united at all. It is deeply divided between the filthy rich and everyone else, between different religions and cultures and most starkly, between the Olde South and the North, but the Olde South now extends to some other states. The Tea Party serves up poison. It has one goal. To gain power by crushing Barack Obama.
It will take a Solomon to get "Americans" to think and act like the idealized Americans people long for.
Consider what Barack Obama has to consider:
A government of the filthy rich who abhor the idea of universal health care - Only the rich deserve to live;
Swarms of illegal immigrant children and the filthy coyotes who use their lives for profit;
The economy  - wherein only one percent of the population deserves to live;
Sunnis, Shias, Gaza, Egypt;
Pakistan - our ally that shelters and supports terrorists and keeps women in darkness;
India and Thailand where little children are prostituted and their body parts sold;
The American military establishment that thrives on weapons and death;
North Korea - lobbing their little rockets here and there, just for fun; Their leader plays the people like tin soldiers. The Twilight Zone.
Ukraine with its Nazi heart and history; 
Russia with its macho KGB leader;
An anti-semitic Turkey;
Libya, Sudan, Congo - where life is cheaper than sand;
Mali, Somalia, pirates;
Mexico, Central and South America - the octopus drug industry;
Child trafficking for prostitution and the sale of children's body parts;
Saudi Arabia - the ally that treats women with contempt;
Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Japan sitting on their nuclear poison and slaughtering whales:
And now, Ebola  and Isis !
How can any rational person blame Barack Obama for not being God?

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