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I found the following article posted on Facebook today on the page - Canadians for Co-Existence. 

I don't know anything about it except what you see here. The English is difficult to decipher, but I am offering it to the readers to consider because I know how helpless a person can feel when no one will listen.

Is this story true? Someone knows. Is there anything you can do to help? My part is to publish it. No one is helping me get justice in Canada. Somewhere out there, the writer of the article may be wishing someone would help her. 

( I think the writer is a woman. Her plea is tender and caring. I'm afraid I have no idea who she is or where she is, but if someone cares, you may be able to do something to help.)

Khairi Alo Hko

After long suffering fled from death (H) x - x carrying her first child in her sixth month she was with her family when the terrorists came of Sinjar complexes.

Dated 08.03.2014 and after escaping from the village Qahtaniyah went to the house near the main road between Sinjar and Chlo and there they were arrested by a group of armed extremists.

Where they killed all the men, young people and tried to burn the elderly, but they left with the bodies, and took all the women to the village soon, there were almost 100 people between a man and a woman and a child were transported by car pregnancy to hand in the province of Nineveh, north-west of the country Baaj there were large numbers of women The children were taken away after two hours to Mosul and stayed there 13 days under psychological and physical torture was the first hum taking girls and married fighters extremists and one of them is killed when her marriage to another, and so when the tragedy continues to be captives among criminals.

She -kh - they were beating the girls and would force them to abandon their faith under threat of murder and rape to see all abductees while children have had the largest share of suffering, where there has not be eating mothers were gathered bread rotting from the neighboring houses, feed their children who are without clothes and a mattress to sleep.
In the province of Nineveh took all the girls and married to unknown destinations and added that they knew that was sold to the extremists to $ 200 or less.

As for pregnant women or children that have remained prisoners of war between the walls of houses and Owalsjn where he was to take them from the connector to the Afar villages and complexes in each compound or place is transferred forced to leave their faith and torturing those who have not applied the ordering it.

She said that in the nearby Tal Afar, there were 5,600 kidnapped and hijacked, mostly women and children, and there was a person who teach them the Koran. Where people tried to escape but was killed either everyone.

As for how running away from the grip of isis said they paid them more money until they came to the Kurdistan region.

khairi alo hko

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