Saturday, November 29, 2014


Looking at these things from a perch above the earth for a little while, we would see how ridiculous the whole thing is. We mere mortals play games like children. We pretend we don't know what is really going on. What fools these mortals be ! Most of what goes on in governments is GAMES. Of course, the fact that millions of human beings - and as many animals, no doubt - suffer and bleed and die - is all part of the game. 

Lives are pawns. Human beings are statistics. Politicians and tyrants all over the globe play CLUE and MONOPOLY and SNAKES AND LADDERS - with real flesh and blood human beings. They move us about here and there, like toys, dressing some of us as soldiers and airmen, selling our lives in return for gold and oil - and yachts and hotels and casinos. We can see this most clearly in China and North Korea, where the masters manipulate all the little toy soldiers in neat, colourful rows. 

The games are not so easily recognized in the desert or the jungle where camouflage hides human bodies - until they make a bloody mess

Lunatics who feel neglected or unworthy make themselves into "heroes" leading fools into bloody battles - Not for God - Not for justice - but for the recognition and glory they cannot achieve in normal life... because they are not normal - they are failures, outcasts - little people who know that a loud voice and a gun can get people to pay attention..
When enough people wake up and realize what is being done to us, then maybe things will begin to change. Do I, on my lofty perch, have solutions to these tragedies and abuses?

 No. I am a poor mortal who just happens to recognize the truth. I am the little kid watching the parade and seeing that THE EMPEROR IS NAKED ! 

If you see it too, do your part.

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