Friday, November 21, 2014


With the exception of the Amazons, I can recall no place in history where women ruled over many men. Perhaps around Greece, Persia at one time.
When God split the first atom, He divided Himself into male and female. Ancient writings claim that God referred to Himself in the plural - as male and female together as One. 

Man got most of the physical strength to ensure his survival. Woman got the common sense and sensitivity - intelligence - to ensure the survival of the species.

Because of their stronger physical anatomies, men have always been in control. Most of the time, they have treated women the way they treated animals - as slaves to their will. 

Fortunately, with time, man became aware that women were human too, and man became less savage. Many men began to enjoy the loveliness and helpfulness of womenLove developed - and civilization. 

Do men need to organize themselves against women? 

No healthy, intelligent man wants to go back to the caves unless he wants to study the sex life of bats. If a man fears a woman, chances are he has done something to make her very angry. 

A healthy, intelligent man appreciates an intelligent woman. He understands that she is his other half,  his partner, a pearl to be cherished. But let it be said, to be fair, the woman must also cherish him.

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