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Letter One
I have usually had very pleasant  interactions with Somalis here and have found them to be  extremely hard workers.  They are very polite and gracious in every day interactions despite the disdain shown them by many of the Minnesotans. Some of the comments on this article (address below) were absolutely horrifying, blaming the Somalis for everything from crime to bad economic times.  From my experience, I have had a much better time having Somali neighbors than I have had with African American neighbors. I have never had to call the police on Somalis for any crime whatsoever, and the opposite has been true with most of the African Americans I have had as neighbors. (I note here that the author of these letters is not Caucasian.)

Having said that, there are some legitimate concerns with the growing population and now this rise in politics.  Schools and workplaces are already showing special consideration to Somalis because of their Muslim religion. Things that would never ever be allowed to Jews or Christians without sparking world war 3.  (One example is that the Somali bus driver for my bus, that only transports disabled people, interrupted my trip home by stopping in a parking lot to unroll his mat on the ground and say his prayers). 
Also, when there have been instances of crime in the Somali community, they have asked police if they could handle matters themselves without "intervention" from local law enforcement! Clearly,this smacks of Sharia Law, which is already endorsed by our local mosques. 

Then there is the persistent issue of Female Genital Mutilation that our society has been reluctant to address. I seriously wonder what else the women and girls have to suffer through behind closed doors and beneath their head to toe coverings. 

And let us not forget the radical Islamist terrorist groups seeking to recruit young Somali men and boys in order to train them for jihad. So, as happy as I am to see immigrants assimilating into American society, in this particular case, I am concerned about what increasing political power could lead to.  Islam must be recognized for what it is, and it is NOT democracy as we know it. 

Here is the link with the text of the story mentioned above:
Anna in America
Letter Two
I agree 100% with your blog post!!!  I was thinking along similar lines. (The writer is referring to my article entitled WHY ARE ISLAMISTS SO UNHAPPY? at ). 
I wonder sometimes if the Islamists' life expectancy is reduced by their chronic state of anger.  I had Muslim neighbors from Congo, and we became wonderful friends, but the husband "owned" his wife.  He was not working at the time from the recession, and she worked full time, went to school, had two small children, kept house, and HAD to give her husband sex every day unless she was deathly ill.  In 14 years of marriage, she had not denied him even once. 
Thankfully, her mother was living with them, but she was new here and didn't speak a word of English.  And she had to do whatever her son-in-law said, too!  He was not to lift a finger to clean the home, cook, care for the children, do any shopping or errands, or be bothered in general.  I could not believe it. 
They had a boy and a girl.  The boy was treated differently that the girl.  He was spoiled and being groomed for his future role as a full-status overbearing wife and child and female relative owning human being. 
The husband was halfway decent in that he helped to stop some of the criminals in the building when they acted up, so I did appreciate that.  I spent a lot of time with his wife and her mom.  I studied Swahili lessons every day so I could visit with 'Grandma' and she had such a good time teaching me numbers and colors and so on.

Being from Congo, they did things a lot differently than we do here, and I noticed that they didn't refrigerate a lot of the food that we Americans keep cold.  I didn't think much of it because when I visited Europe in my 20's, I noticed the same thing there.  Well, lo and behold, the horrific roach infestation that was the likes of nothing the exterminator had ever seen began at their apartment.  He called their unit "Ground Zero."   What a fiasco that turned into and oh, the immeasurable grief!!! 
Thankfully, I am something of a crazy cat lady.  I have 5 of them, which helped protect me.  The exterminator kept saying that he just couldn't understand why my unit was so much better off than the rest of the building.  Well, I hid 4 of the 5 kitties every time they came through for one of those inspections to spray more chemicals.   People who get evicted here have sometimes left their kitties in the woods behind our building to starve and be attacked by raccoons and coyotes.  Of course, I rescued the little dears and they are the reason I keep going on the worst days sometimes.  I will be finding new homes for them before I move, but I am happy they were here to save me from the bugs!

You are SO very right about the fact that we need to see the true motives of Muslims who are moving into free countries and then trying to change those countries to suit their ways.  Even after my Congolese neighbor got her citizenship, whenever bad weather struck she said that Allah was punishing Americans for not converting to Islam. 
On the website of the mosque the family belonged to, it outright stated that the people were to operate under Sharia law before and possibly instead of involving law enforcement or courts, etc. 
Muslims are making it known over and over and over again what their objective is, and we are not listening.  Then when they demand concessions in our democratic countries, we allow them under the pretense of cultural tolerance forgetting that Islam is a theocracy that does not hesitate to convert people by force. 
Anna in America

Note: I have a good friend who is a devout Muslim woman who lives in Montreal, Canada. This author's experiences echo those my friend lives with. They just accept the abuse as "God's will", and wait for their reward in heaven. 
Is this what we want for the United States and Canada?  No! We will never accept it. 
Phyllis Carter  

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