Monday, August 11, 2014


Remember the Spanish Inquisition?
History reveals 
Christians killed Jews and Muslims,
And Muslims killed Christians and Jews.
The Aztecs
Butchered all sorts of people
To appease their Gods.
Heads rolled.
Babies were thrown into volcanoes,
And off craggy mountain tops.
To please "God".
There were dungeons.
Human bodies were pulled apart on the rack.
The Celts used wicker baskets
In which "infidels"
Were burned alive.
If you were a widow in India,
Your Gods required you,
To be burned alive on your husband's
Funeral pyre.
There was no social welfare for widows.
If you were the servant
Of a pharaoh,
You had to die and join him,
In his tomb.
Everybody thinks
Their God is better than your God.
Jews tried to improve on the practice of
Human sacrifice,
By killing poor helpless animals instead.
God is just angry,
And blood-thirsty.
Orthodox Christianity is like Orthodox Islam:
Both dogmas focus on death !
Rewards, glory and joy
Await the faithful -
In the sky.
And damn you if you don't obey!
If you dare to question or doubt;
If you don't accept the law
Laid down by men.
Now that science has shown us
The sky, and  galaxies and vast space,
Did anyone see God out there?
Who benefits?
The object is to persuade the naive
To obey their masters.
Using God - by any name -
To sell a religious doctrine and dogma,
You can enslave vast masses of people,
Body and soul -
And take everything they have.
You can make believers do anything
For YOU -
As you speak for God !
What kind of loving God
Wants his children
No. It is men who abuse God -
For their own gain.
Choose Life !
Deuteronomy 30:19

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