Monday, August 4, 2014


Complaints Department,
Government of Quebec
(Response to your email - see below)
I have done all that. I have been pleading for justice day and night since I was attacked and robbed on October 7, 1996. I have done everything you have suggested without finding anyone who is willing to help. I am not in anyone's jurisdiction and I do not qualify for help from anyone.
I am now 78 years old and fighting for my life against cancer while I continue to fight for justice in this case day and night ... to my last breath. I do not have the strength to go around on your merry-go-round again. I have done it all already.
There is NO JUSTICE in Quebec.
So I will just keep telling the world about these crimes until I find one individual with the power, the authority, and the will to return to me and to my family everything that Dawn McSweeney and her "partners in crime" stole from us with the help of the Montreal Police.
No one can return the years I lost with my parents because of Dawn McSweeney's crimes, but I want my valuables back, my life's precious gifts, and I want my father's estate returned to his heirs. I will never stop fighting for what belongs to us.
Phyllis Carter

Dear Madam,


Hereby, we respond to the e-mail you adressed to the minister of Justice on July 7th 2014.


Unfortunately, the minister can not  intervene in your personnal situation.  The Law on the ministry of Justice states that the minister is the legal advisor to the government. For this reason, she can not give an opinion or legal advice to citizens, or take a position in a private dispute.


The Police Ethics Commissioner is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all police officers.  We suggest you contact their service if you wish to deposit a comment or complaints concerning a police officer.


Commissaire à la déontologie policière


Phone: 1 877-234-7897


Also, if you wish to obtain information of legal nature concerning your rights or possible recourses, we suggest you contact a legal advisor.


In Quebec, there are alternatives ways to contact a lawyer at little or no cost:


If you qualify for legal aid, here is the contact information of the Legal Services Commission in the following link.


Legal Services Commission


Phone: 514-873-3562


You can also verify with your insurance if there is a clause for free legal assistance.  This alternative is common.


It also happens that the Faculty of Law of the universities offers a free legal service of consultation with students who are supervised by their teachers.


Finally, you can contact the Quebec Bar and get the services of a lawyer specializing in your situation.


Barreau du Québec


Phone: 514-866-2490

             1-866-954-3528 (toll free)


The content of this letter does not constitute a legal advice.  We cannot interpret the law as it applies to a specific case or situation.  The Centre de communication avec la clientèle can only respond to questions of general nature.



Yours truly,


Anne-Marie Duperré

Bureau des plaintes

Ministère de la Justice du Québec


Avis de confidentialité: Ce message est confidentiel. Il est à l'usage exclusif du destinataire ci-dessus. Toute autre personne est par les présentes avisée qu'il lui est strictement interdit de le diffuser, de le distribuer ou de le reproduire. Si le destinataire ne peut être joint ou vous est inconnu, nous vous prions d'en informer immédiatement l'expéditeur par courrier électronique et de détruire ce message et toute copie de celui-ci.

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