Friday, August 15, 2014


No matter who suffers.
In the 21st century,
With the vast choices we have
In the clothing industry,
There are still people
Who want to wear the skins,
Of slaughtered animals.
Who are the real beasts?
My grandfather was a furrier in the early 1900's. It was the only way he knew to earn a living for his family. I don't think he ever thought about the suffering of the animals whose pelts he bought from the Indians in their canoes at Lachine. If he hadn't done it, we, his grandchildren, might not even exist.
But this is the 21st century. No one needs to kill animals for their fur. We have wonderful synthetics including Borg furs that are lush and beautiful and inexpensive.
No. The only reason to wear animal fur today is pure arrogant VANITY!
Phyllis Carter
Industry and government react to fur farm cruelty allegations

The story has sent shock waves through the industry, according to Marcel Leclair, who has been raising mink for their fur for 30 years and knows the owner of the St-Jude, Que. farm in question.

He said he and his fellow fur farmers are afraid of retaliation from animal activists.

"It's a completely isolated case," said Leclair.

The Montreal SPCA released a series of images and videos on Thursday, alleging fur farmer Jean-Luc Rodier is mistreating his foxes and mink.

Breeder Marcel Leclair says the accusations of cruelty at Jean-Luc Rodier's farm are not the norm in Quebec.

"This has really scandalized us because it doesn't reflect well on the industry," said Leclair. "We know the person and we don't believe that it's negligence."

Leclair said he thinks it's out of character for Rodier not to take care of his animals.

He said the price of fur has dropped in recent years and he wonders if that has hindered Rodier's ability to care for his mink and foxes.

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