Friday, May 16, 2014


I had another phone call today from the East Indian computer hacker who sometimes calls himself "Alex". He calls every few weeks - whenever my telephone line is open - and says he is calling because a hacker has accessed my computer.
I have reported him to the Montreal Police and the Quebec Police Force who have a special department for computer hackers.
I told this phony "Alex" - who says he is working for Microsoft -  " I know you're a criminal. I have reported you already. Now go away."  But he keeps calling.
At times a woman with a high-pitched voice and an East Indian accent has also called. It is clear these criminals are working together. During the few moments I had the creep on the line today, I could hear a lot of very loud commotion, a lot of voices all talking at once. This seems to be a boiler room for criminals, but it is always the same individual who calls me.
If he calls you, do not believe a word he says. A friend of mine who was slow to realize he was a hacker gave him just enough information to cause a serious loss. She stopped short, but she had to have her computer entirely cleaned up and reprogrammed and she had to change her bank accounts and more.
This rat is a successful computer hacker. The Quebec Police told me they know about him. Still, after all these years, it is still the same voice, the same accent. He is still at work - probably based in India. It seems the Canadian police are unable to touch him.
If he calls you, just hang up right away. Don't give him a chance to damage your computer or get any personal information. Remember, he is a professional criminal.

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