Saturday, May 24, 2014


Kinder crave and caress Kindles.
They drink in the pretty pixels
And feel wise about reading "books".
But they are not reading books.
They are not experiencing books.
They are absorbing information -
Indulging in book-a-vision.
Those are not books.
They are television in your lap.
A book is more than words,
More than pictures.
A book is
The feel of the page,
The texture of the cover, the jacket,
The weight of the wonder in my hands,
The glitter of the gilt lettering,
The scent of all that comes together
When a book is printed.
I still remember the feel and the smell,
Of my first school books.
A book is there when electricity is not.
In the darkness, you can feel it.
A used book is the greatest treasure,
Full of the souls of those
Who have read it before;
Most delicious
If the reader was your Mom or your Dad.
A book is the soul of the writer,
But also the soul of the person
Who gave it to you,
The memory of your Pop reading to you.
A book is yours.
Your browser can't take it from you.
It has been bought and paid for.
My Pop read Pinocchio to me.
He read it from a 25 cent Pocket Book.
I am 78 years old now.
I still have that Pocket Book
And I treasure it better than gold.
My Pop reads Pinocchio to me forever
From this 25 cent Pocket Book.

I do not take kindly to Kindle.

Phyllis Carter


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