Sunday, February 23, 2014


I venture to publish my own views on these things. I know full well that millions of others will disagree, but they can publish their views. The Internet has given a voice to anyone who is literate and has access.
In my not so humble opinion, worship has little if anything to do with The Creator.
The One who makes universes and protons doesn't need teensy-weensy little critters on a point of feeble light in the darkness to tell "Him" how glorious, great and marvellous "He" is.
People worship because it is something they need to do for a variety of reasons, mostly of a psychological nature, because we know so little, and feel so helpless, and fear so much. Worship brings people into community and we don't feel so alone and afraid.
As for prayer: That is an act of a human being reaching out for hope. When we are unable to cope with our troubles, when we feel helpless and cannot find support, solutions or justice among men, we reach out in the hope that there is a God - a Great Power - who cares enough to lift us out of our nightmares, bring us good health, friends, wisdom, resources, keep our dear ones safe from harm, guide us in making difficult decisions. We search for a glimmer of light in the darkness.
Prayer is the business between one individual soul and the Healer we hope is out there somewhere, or near here, though unseen.
Prayer is nobody's business but our own. If we pray in great assemblies, it is a social act designed to impress others and/or assuage our sense of loneliness.
Giving thanks. That is a good thing. Whoever or Whatever takes away our illness, protects our loved ones, solves difficult problems, provides, somehow, for our real needs, deserves our heartfelt gratitude.
Like chicken soup, it couldn't hurt - to be grateful and to hope.
I'm sure God understands.

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