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Why is Pauline Marois trying to kill me?


Dear News Editor,

I discovered a lump in my breast, on the eve of my 40th birthday. Not knowing where to go, I sought the help and expertise of my gynecologist. She referred me to the 6th floor of her building, to get my very first mammogram. A surgeon was assigned to my file and I waited for my results. My mammogram didn't show anything to raise concern, so how was I to explain the lump I felt in my breast? 

The surgeon performed an ultrasound and before our eyes, he discovered a suspicious mass. A biopsy followed. I waited what seemed like an eternity, to find out my fate. Results were in, it was indeed cancer. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 - Invasive Ductal Carcinoma a.k.a. breast cancer.

I am writing to you, as I am in utter disbelief with what I've had to endure, in the last 24 hours.

Yesterday, I had my very first appointment with an oncologist. A doctor that would see me through this already frightening journey. Imagine my surprise to learn, that there would be a possibility, that he would not be able to treat me, due to the fact that I do not live in Montreal.

I was born and raised in Montreal. I took my very first breath in the maternity ward at St-Mary's. That hospital holds my health records since birth. 

To learn that my oncologist, would not be able to treat me, to look after me, to heal me, simply because I moved off island, in hopes of giving my family of 6 a chance at owning a home we could afford, this just floored me.

My oncologist told me, this was all because of the budget the PQ wished to pass. By law, he could not refuse me treatment, but he simply wouldn't get paid for it. He said he would have no choice, but to refer me to another hospital or clinic, closer to my home. 

I live in Lachute. In simple terms, cow country. Referring me to a hospital or clinic in my area, I might as well get on all fours, put on a collar and practice barking, as the only decent doctors in this area are all veterinarians! 

Since yesterday, I have been a ball of nerves. I barely slept, as the fear I could die, grew stronger and stronger. When I was diagnosed, the surgeon said I had an 85% survival rate. If this budget passes, I might as well start planning my funeral.

I do not want to die. I do not want my young children to lose their mother. I do not want to widow my husband.

I am too young, have too much to live for. 

Why is Pauline Marois trying to kill me? What have I done to her?


A mother of 4 children


My dear Nina, you have my entire support! Beat this thing and have lots of courage.
with much love,


and you know... I was thinking... why do I go for this walk in montreal every year???? I tought it was to raise money to help research, find cures to fight cancer, for every woman who would have to deal with it... I was wrong!!!! all these times, I helped raising money to save people from montreal to fight cancer!!!!

Sodiumdichloroacetate. DCA for short. look it up and get moving.

I was shocked and appalled to hear about the PQ's latest edict, and not only am I so sorry that you have to go through the stress and pain of this terrible disease, but that you also have to face the lunacy of Pauline's short-sighted, intellectually-stunted stupidity. Indeed as Nancy Plouffe says, what are are all those people outside of Montreal participating in all those cancer walks, runs & bikes for, if we can't take advantage of any of the research being done. I was in the Lachute hospital recently for something much less serious than cancer, and, sadly, when the nurse can't even tell you the name of the attending physician, there's something already very wrong. I wish you a very speedy recovery. In Montreal. Fight the fight, Nina. I'm behind you.

This vindictive cromwellian mean spiteful edict ,is revenge because these two anglos hospitals, Nina I feel your anguish , 10 years ago I was diagnosed with lethal pancreatic cancer,I received amazing care at the Royal Victoria Hospital, My thoughts are , that If I had the same diagnoses today and lived in lachute , I would not be eligible for treatment in the Royal Victoria .Icannot believe the evil of this government .



colv onquack said...

Simply give them a fake address or the address of a friend or family member when you make your hospital card. It's not illegal to do so.

Phyllis Carter said...

Fraud is a criminal offense. Period.

Bella Mater said...

I'm not even certain such an edict is remotely legal... Good grief!

Prends-y un pied-a-terre juste a cote de l'hopitale...:P

Bonne chance. Beat this thing!

Phyllis Carter said...

February 16, 2014 - 1:30 AM
More than 2700 people have read this report since I published it.

Phyllis Carter said...

Sunday, February 16, 2014

More than 3,700 people have now read this report.

Ag-Man said...

Let everyone know if we as a community can do something to help you fight this

Chiclette said...

I am so angry at this government and what they have done and continue to do to our city!! They are trying to keep people out of the major english hospitals because all of them have stood up against the government. This government is outrageous. Write to your MNA, write to Justin Trudeau, write to St Marys Board of directors, start a petition on guaranteed you will get change and enough people signing this petition. GO!! LET'S DO IT!! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Phyllis Carter said...

Monday, February 17, 2014 - 2:00 AM
More than 5600 people have now read this post. I encourage each of you to go farther and write to your members of government, tell your friends, family, neighbours. What is happening to someone else right now can happen to anyone tomorrow. No one in any part of Canada should be denied essential medical care. Isn't health care universal under Medicare? Isn't every Canadian anywhere in Canada entitled to essential health care? What is Stephen Harper doing about this? What is Justin Trudeau doing about this? Are all the doctors and all the hospitals in Quebec being treated fairly and equally under the Parti Quebois? Are funds being allotted fairly? Must we live in fear that any day now, you or I or a family member might be denied life-saving medicine or treatment because the Government of Quebec chooses to deny us?

Renee thehobotrain said...

I am appalled by this latest move of the PQ. Unreal. It doesn't stop because they don't want it to stop. The PQ wants people to be enraged. That is their modus operandi. :( Please take your health into your own hands so that you will not be at the mercy of this political bullshit. Look up raw food. Many, many people have cured themselves of countless diseases using raw food. Look up the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida. If you have the money, go to their program. If not, then raise the money and go. You will never look back. Especially considering that it sounds like you have 4 kids. You gotta be there for them in full health, momma! Most cancer treatments are temporary fixes until the cancer returns. And these treatments do horrible things to the body. You will be poisoning yourself. Please look into what I've mentioned. Take back your health from the hands of greasy, good-for-nothing politicians! :)

Renee thehobotrain said...

Oops, just realized that the blog is not run by the woman discussed in the article. Hopefully she will see my comment. Thank you!

Phyllis Carter said...

Renee, My oncologist says that the hormones fed to the animals we eat are largely responsible for cancer. Other factors, in my opinion, include heredity and all the pollution and radiation we live with. We are surrounded, immersed in radiation coming into our bodies, unseen, unsensed, day and night. Do not downplay cancer treatments. I have been LIVING with cancer for 20 years, thanks to my excellent oncologist and the medicines and treatments he has prescribed.

Renee thehobotrain said...

Phyllis, I hope I didn't offend you with my post. :( With all due respect, an excellent oncologist would have helped your body to heal itself from cancer. The body will heal itself given the opportunity. Yes, we are surrounded in radiation that is poisoning our bodies. Then why is radiation used to treat cancer? Please, I implore you to look up the Hippocrates Health Institute, along with healing cancer using raw food and wheatgrass. You can heal yourself. You don't have to live with cancer. You deserve to be totally healthy. Just take a few minutes and look it up.

frank isenberg said...

Hang in there sweetie she won't win and the doctor is not aloud to refuse you if he does report him it is not law it hasn't passed yet
all the best to you and your family
And there's always the Jewish General they will take you get a referral and you be ok

Phyllis Carter said...

Renee, You have not offended me. Eating fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc. is obviously better for the body than eating artificial substances, additives, pesticides, hormones, paints. Unfortuntely all our food supplies - everything that is grown on the land- is probably contaminated in one way or another because politicians are bought and paid for. But I am alive because of the medicines. There are people fighting to stop the big corporations from poisoning our food supply, our water and our air. I hope you are among those striving to strip them of their ominous money-driven power.

Renee thehobotrain said...

Yes, I vote with my dollar and I spend according to my convictions. I am the change I want to see. :)

Raw food is not only a better way of eating, but it is a way of eating that allows the body to heal itself. People with advanced cancers and a variety of other serious diseases have healed themselves with this method, usually combining a specific raw food diet (high in sprouts, green juices, wheatgrass juice, and little, if any, nuts and grains -- certainly no dairy or meat). Please look up the Hippocrates Health Institute and testimonials from the people who have gone there. My sister went there and reclaimed her health. It's a truly amazing place. But even if you can't attend their program, there's tons of info online that can help you to try it out from home. It works quickly and miraculously. Put aside your current thoughts about your disease and consider for one minute that you could be cancer free. Honestly I never talk about this stuff with people I don't know, but I felt compelled to share it with you. Please don't dismiss it. I probably won't post again as I feel like I'm being a bit pushy now. lol So have a great day and I wish you the best! :)