Wednesday, November 20, 2013


November 20, 2013  7:35 PM
I had almost the whole story typed out when, suddenly, the lights went out and went right back on again, wiping out everything I had written.
I made up my mind that I would put my car in the apartment garage today. It has been on the building lot most of the summer and a storm could come any time.
I went out to the lot hoping the car would start. Oh, Yeh !
Two tires slashed and flat. And, under the windshield wiper, a cheap tiny card advertising a tire dealer's garage. Not every criminal leaves his card and phone number. Wild!
So I call my garage on my cell. Bruce advises I have CAA tow me over. So I call CAA. They will come in about an hour. I call back to Bruce, and my cell battery quits.
So I go back up to my place and start calling Bruce on my land line. And all I get is recorded messages, again and again. Finally Bruce answers. He suggests I call CAA back because it is only about 3:30 and the garage is open until six.
So I call CAA and wait - about a half hour. The service was very good. Very pleasant. The driver had great difficulty with English, so we spoke a melange. We chatted as he towed my car.
Like me, the CAA driver had problems with the police and criminals. Vandals broke a window to get into his house and left a lot of clear fingerprints. But the police botched the test and smeared all the prints. "Too much black powder", the policeman said. As in the Dawn McSweeney robbery case that destroyed my family, the driver strongly suspects the policeman was in cahoots with the vandals.
So my garage replaced the two tires. Almost $300.
As soon as I got back to my place, I called 911 to report the vandalism. Bruce told me there has been a rash of similar vandalism in the area very recently. Lots of cars have been damaged.
So I call 911 and they tell me to go to the police station or fill out a report online or leave my number and someone will call me back within 24 hours. Why don't I believe that? I've been waiting 17 years for the Montreal Police to act in the Dawn McSweeney robbery case.
I fill out the form online at And I get a message in red to call 911 immediately.
So I call 911 and the very nice civilian dispatcher tells me that, since there appears to be a possible suspect - note the message under my windshield wiper from the tire dealer - I have to go to the police station in person to make the report.
Hey ! This is a great business. Slash a lot of tires and let the victims know where to buy replacements. Why didn't I think of that? 
Of course, the police will probably tell me that the tire dealer just happened to be passing by my building parking lot and, out of all the cars parked there, he just happened to notice my tires were slashed and decided to leave his phone number.
The Montreal Police are great at protecting criminals. I have 17 years of experience to support what I am saying. More than 118,000 people around the world have read my reports. Still, I will make the report. It is the right thing to do.

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Phyllis Carter said...

November 25, 2013 - I have since learned that as many as 15 cars were vandalized in the same area, apparently at the same time. I have provided the Montreal Police with a handwritten, detailed report. The question now is, will the Montreal Police make a serious effort to catch the criminals? I am still trying to get them to take the appropriate action against the criminals who robbed me and my family in 1996.