Monday, November 25, 2013


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We love Santa Claus, even when we have white hair ourselves.
Santa represents all the good things. He is grandfather and, at the same time, he is forever young.
He is benevolent, generous, always kind, and sparkling with merriment. His cheeks are rosy and his laughter is uplifting.
We feel so good when we meet Santa. We are children again. There are the beautiful Christmas songs, comforting melodies, inspiring lyrics full of memories, and jingle bells, and tinsel - fresh snow flakes before they turn to slush  - and the aroma of cinnamon and turkey - and wonderful gifts wrapped in gorgeous paper and tied with red and silver ribbons. And, at the pinnacle, Santa Claus.
Who would not love Santa Claus?
But villains love to impose themselves among the innocent. They delight in bringing fear and darkness into the lives of those who long for comfort and joy.
Anyone who hires an employee to "play" Santa has a huge responsibility to check out that person's background - broadly and in careful detail - covering a period of at least ten years - and to get to know that person before allowing him to hide inside that iconic red suit.
Parents who bring their children to meet Santa must not step away, or look away. Keep your eyes on Santa's hands at all times.
This is not the wonderful Christmas card world we long for. We should enjoy every bit of the holidays, but stay alert for the evil that lurks, and sneaks up, and grabs and destroys, while you are Dreaming of a White Christmas.
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Dum-dee-dum-dumb !
I wish you a
Merry Christmas,
Take care.

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