Friday, November 8, 2013


November 8, 2013
Dear Friends of Andy,

My name is Anthony Rodrigo Lopez and I am the brother of Andy Lopez who was murdered by a sheriff in Santa Rosa, California on October 22. My brother was carrying a toy gun in broad daylight and in ten seconds was shot to death right down the street from our house.
This sheriff, Erick Gelhaus, is supposed to be an expert in guns. This was not a mistake for him. He knew what he was doing. Andy was just a kid going to play with friends. And because of Erick Gelhaus, he will never come home again. I miss my brother. And I am learning more about what happened to Andy and I see what has happened to many other people around the country who have been murdered and tortured by pólice. All of the other families who are left with an emptiness because of pólice brutality. There is pólice brutality everywhere. We must have justice for Andy and all pólice brutality must be stopped.

And now I am asking, as Andy's brother, that all of the youth, the students out there, all the MEChistAs everywhere, to please come forward and support my family and stand up for Andy. I want everyone to really unite. To work together in this fight for Justice. Together we have to keep speaking out about how we feel about Andy's murder. And the murder of innocent people all over the United States.
Don't be afraid to get involved. Don't be afraid to shout out at this injustice. We are the ones that have the voice, it's the young people that can make this movement really happen, and get justice and make a better future for all of us. Keep marching and screaming for Andy. I don't want anyone to stop fighting until there is Justice for my brother Andy Lopez! We have to keep going together.

Rodrigo Lopez

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