Friday, November 22, 2013


They say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Some use that as an excuse to pass off all sorts of junk on the public by calling it "art" - like the horrible "meat dress" that everyone was talking about a while ago, or a large canvas painted from top to toe in black. Call it "A Gaggle of Nuns Out for a Late Evening Stroll" and it becomes "art".
In the JGH, S1, G-0.19, Nuclear Medicine Dept., the halls are "decorated" with paintings.They are paintings because the canvases are covered with coloured paint of some kind. But what I see is circles and rectangles and lines and squiggles in bright and pastel shades. Ugliness. Dizzying circles. The droppings of a maniacal child. Surely this "art" was created in the psychiatric ward.
Did the "artist" make a huge donation to the hospital to merit having his or her works hung on the hospital walls? Please return his/her money and take away these awful works. Leave the walls blank. Invite children to come in and paint their images. Almost anything would be better to look at than the unpleasant markings that are there now.
I note that - while I readily state my own views all the time - this time, I am not alone in my opinion. As soon as I spoke out, the patients and staff in the room brightly, eagerly echoed my views. Do us all a favour and bring in photos of your cats and dogs instead and spare us. We have so much to cope with already.
Phyllis Carter

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