Tuesday, December 6, 2011


December 6, 2011
A 4 week old baby boy who has been raped and beaten this baby boy not only suffered from rape, but from such severe beatings he has been left with all his ribs broken, a broken arm, broken collar bone, punctured lungs and severe bruising, he has even suffered a cardiac arrest at such a young age....
Every day and every night I read about abuse - bullying, robbery, beatings, kidnapping, rape, even murder of innocent children and nice, polite, people express their sadness. "So sad" . But I don't see any rage. 
RAGE ! Rage against injustice and abuse of the innocent by criminals and then by police and lawyers and government agencies and indifferent and corrupt politicians and the courts!
You who are so nice and polite are supporting crime by your niceness.
So many of you are waiting for God to fix things in His own time. So you say, "How sad. Tsk-tsk." And you do nothing ! How Christian of you. Let's wait for Jesus to take care of it.
You nice people do not worry the politicians in the least. Why should they do anything about these horrors? They have nothing to lose by ignoring the plight of victims. Why should they risk coming forward and taking action to help us ?
If you really care for the victims, give the politicians cause to worry !
Make them take action to protect the innocent and bring justice to crime victims.

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