Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Day and night,  month after month, I read the tragic stories of little children being taken from their mothers by the authorities and given to fathers who abuse them - even kill them.
Yes, we see that mothers also kill their children.
The question is - Why does this go on ? Are the social welfare systems so incompetent, so corrupt, that there is no way to prevent these tragedies?
Even when abuses are reported, the children are left with the abusive parent until, all too often ...
Here is just one example for your consideration.
The Panama City Police Department announces the arrest of Sue Ellen Mims, 33 years of age. Mims is being charged with one count of Selling A Minor For Prostitution. The arrest comes after Mims report
Janjelle  - Some parents shouldn't be parents if they do that to their children
Crystal Sick
Phyllis Carter   Everyone is so nice. Where is the rage? Where are the demands for justice?
Cheryl Bullock - In the bars talking about it
Phyllis Carter  Talking in the bars can be a beginning. But action - to be deserving of justice - must be sober and logical and organized.
Paige Wait until God gets a hold of her!! Bless that little girl. These people are crazy!!
Phyllis Carter  As long as people keep saying such criminals are crazy, you keep giving the judges excuses to let them off. Crazy is not an excuse. Nothing is. Stop giving the courts reasons to free criminals.
Rose-marie  -The worse part of it all is the judge will probably give this poor child back to the looney mom. That's what get me furious.  
Folks when I responded to ambulance call child no vital signs, I found a 6mos old girl vitals absent, a frozen shitty diaper on her face and a deplorable mess and temp in apt was about 59 degrees. Her mom was @ hotel friend got her as I was ...working on child and thank God I brought her back to the living. Child survived and 3mos later was given back to the mother. 3mos later responded to same apt and child was D.O.A., choked to death on her own vomit. Judge felt mother suffered enough from loss of child thus got no jail time. This was in late 70s, so I can see not much as changed since then in child protection
Phyllis Carter    May I quote you Wayne?
Wayne H Pine    you may God Bless
Phyllis Carter  Copy your statements to members of government and the media. Just keep telling it. It is NOT ENOUGH TO POST IT ON FACEBOOK.

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