Thursday, December 22, 2011


I just had a call from my friend, Carolyn.

Her computer was hacked. Someone phoned her. Asked for her by name. He said he was from Microsoft and told her there was a problem with Windows. He gave her a (fake) code number and told her to put it into her computer.

She became a little suspicious because he had an Indian accent, so she asked his name and he said something like Bruce Taylor. She said that didn't seem right because he had an Indian accent. He said he had only come from India recently and because his name was hard to pronounce, he had been given the new name. He said he would give her his company ID number and his phone number so she would know the call was legitimate.

He said that when she put the code number into her computer she would see that his call was legitimate. But when she did, she saw a pop-up on her computer that said "FRAUD". She ended the call and phoned the RCMP immediately and they recognized the fraud. They knew about it.

She also had to call Equifax and other credit companies and the Montreal Police and make a report that took an hour and a half because the police woman was apparently not familiar with the procedure and she kept having to talk to others - but Carolyn said she was very kind and helpful.

She had to take her computer in and have it wiped clean, so all her files are gone, addresses, all her accounts, etc. And, of course, there was the cost.

She did put in her backup because three people told her that was safe to do. It seems to me the back-up could also be tainted.

Doing business on the computer is very risky. Beware of ANYONE who contacts you in any way and asks you to do anything on your computer.

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