Sunday, September 19, 2010


September 19, 2010

Pat Brown Why do they ask you the date and day of week at the hospital to see if you are okay? I don't hardly ever know the right answer....
MONTREAL POLICE DETERMINE SANITY: In Montreal, police told me that my mother was mentally stable because she knew the names of her children, the date and her address. They didn't ask about her tea leaves, crystals and the telepathic beings who landed their UFO in our back yard. My mother was a loving and devoted parent, but she had problems and the Montreal Police did nothing to help us. See THE DAWN MCSWEENEY CASE -
  • My dear dead mother could not read or write but actually was very smart. At one of her hospital stays a stand in doc came into her room. He said hello...blablabla. Mrs.W do u know what today is? No, Do u know what year this is? No. Do u know who the president is? No,do you? Ah,mam I'm very concerned that you can't remember any of these basic facts. I sat there as long as I could. Trying to hide my smile I said"she can't read or write and really doesn't keep up with day to day things." BUT...ask her who her Doctor is and his phone #. She shot that off to him,1 2 3. Ask her my whole name and my phone #,she spit that one out. I told him...we can give u more examples of phone #'s if you want. He left out of the room and my mom said"thats the stupidest Doctor I've ever met. " He has a degree and asking me stuff he didn't know. I still get a belly laugh outa that one. She couldn't read/write/never drove a car but held down jobs. that amazed me.
  • Liz, that's what happens because people in authority go by the book. They don't think. They don't consider the individual. They act like puppets. And that is why so much injustice is visited on us when we are at our most vulnerable. It makes you want to scream. But if you do, they will say you are mentally unstable. So don't scream no matter how stupidly you are treated by people who are given authority over your life.
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