Thursday, September 30, 2010


Phyllis Carter  >  Global National:
    • To Richard Dagenais,
      Global National
      September 30, 2010

      You say the public is quick to make decisions about politicians. I have been pleading for justice for more than thirteen years ! I have not been patient, but I have been polite, determine...
      d and law-abiding in spite of everything I have suffered at the hands of the criminals - Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog - and the Montreal Police.

      I have reason to be cynical about politicians. Marlene Jennings, MP twice stated at public meetings in 2008, that my rights had been violated three times. But the Montreal Police continue to ignore what Dawn McSweeney and her partners in crime have done to me and to my family. All my pleas to Members of Parliament, Members of the Quebec Legislature, ministers, and so-called "human rights" agencies are simply ignored. And, of course, the media are more interested in people who wear dead meat than they are in the suffering of the multitudes of crime victims.

      Quick to decide? I don't think so. More intelligent members of society are just better informed and experienced. We see how incompetent, cold-hearted and even corrupt politicians and the police really are. And now we have ways of saying so for all the world to see.


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