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September 7, 2010
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Dear Mr. Defosses,
I can understand how this might happen under the circumstances and I appreciate your response. However, over the years, I have sent many emails to Mr. Trudeau concerning a case of serious problems with our "injustice system". As our family were devoted supporters of his father, I had hoped he would care and take an interest. But I have never, ever, received a word from him. In all that time, one might think that one of my messages might have caught his interest.
I am a 74 year old Canadian - my family has been Canadian for a hundred years - a widow, journalist, crime victim and cancer patient. My life, my family's lives - have been torn apart by a teenage criminal, aided and abetted by the Montreal Police, and the irresponsible and perhaps corrupt justice systems of Montreal, Quebec and Canada.
I refer you to my blog - yes - one of thousands, millions - but if Mr. Trudeau were to take notice of my problem, he might find there are thousands of other crime victims who are suffering because of these flaws in our injustice system, and that might be worth his attention.
People on Facebook and in my community tell me not to bother with Justin Trudeau because, "He is a liberal and he will not help crime victims."

And yet, I hope, because I still believe there is someone out there who cares about justice. Justin might be wise to dare to help one crime victim as an example to all the others. The people of Canada are hungry for a hero, a leader, like his father was.
Phyllis Carter
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In a message dated 07/09/2010 2:23:07 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, Trudeau.J@parl.gc.ca writes:

Mr. Carter,

We are receiving hundreds of e-mail everyday and your e-mail might have been put in the wrong file. We sincerely apologize for the mistake and hope we'll be able to help you with your concerns.


Tommy B. Desfossés

Adjoint administratif / Administrative assistant

Bureau de/Office of Justin P.J. Trudeau

Député/MP - Papineau

Chambre des communes/House of Commons

Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 

From: Phyllis Carter [mailto:Carter]
Sent: September 7, 2010 10:50 AM
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Many months ago, I sent Justin Trudeau an email outlining my concerns about the new light bulbs which will present a serious health hazard to me because I am allergic to the sun. Today, September 7, 2010, I received this email.

 Are we tuned in or what ? 

Phyllis Carter 


[English follows] 

Monsieur, Madame, 

Je vous remercie de votre correspondance dans laquelle vous me faites part de vos inquiétudes face aux implications des droits de la personne du projet de loi C-2, soit la Loi de mise en œuvre de l'Accord de libre-échange Canada-Colombie. 

Les droits de la personne sont à la base des valeurs libérales. C'est pourquoi nous avons pris des mesures sans précédent pour négocier un amendement qui exigerait de chaque pays une surveillance et une publication de rapports sur les effets de l'Accord de libre-échange (ALE) au Canada et en Colombie. 

Cette condition en matière des droits de la personne serait une première dans l'histoire des ALE. Cette mesure imposerait une nouvelle exigence pour le département des Affaires étrangères et du Commerce international qui vise à recueillir et analyser des informations sur l'impact de l'ALE Canada-Colombie sur les droits de la personne au Canada et en Colombie. Ces informations devront être fournies au Parlement du Canada par le biais d'un rapport annuel qui, par la suite, pourrait guider les politiques étrangères canadiennes à l'égard de la Colombie. Également, la publication de ces rapports annuels au Parlement permettront aux partis de l'opposition d'entreprendre un examen approfondi, et fourniront une méthode transparente d'accès à l'information pour les organisations de la société civile mondiale qui entament leurs propres évaluations des droits de la personne. 

L'amendement proposé par les Libéraux pour un suivi annuel des droits de la personne fut motivé par un désir d'une plus grande supervision publique et une croyance que les droits de la personne vont de pair avec les opportunités économiques. Nous reconnaissons que l'abus des droits de la personne en Colombie découle grandement d'une narco-économie illégale qui est perpétuée par une pauvreté répandue, un taux de chômage élevé et une infrastructure sociale insuffisante. Nous croyons qu'un engagement politique et économique fructueux pourra aider à adresser les causes de la violence et améliorer la situation des droits de la personne en Colombie. 

Je vous remercie encore une fois pour avoir pris le temps de me faire part de vos préoccupations sur le sujet.

 Bien cordialement, 

Justin P.J. Trudeau


 Dear Sir or Madam, 

I wish to thank you for your correspondence in which you voice your concerns about the human rights implications of Bill C-2 on the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act.  

Human rights are at the core of Liberal values. This is why we have taken the unprecedented step of negotiating an amendment compelling each country to monitor and publicly report on how this Free Trade Agreement (FTA) impacts human rights in both Canada and Colombia.  

This is the first such human rights reporting requirement for any FTA in history. It imposes a new requirement on Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to focus on, collect and analyze information on the impact of the Canada-Colombia FTA on human rights in both Canada and Colombia. This information must be provided to the Parliament of Canada in an annual report which can then be used to guide Canada's foreign policy with respect to Colombia. In addition, the public tabling of the annual reports in Parliament will allow for greater scrutiny by opposition parties and provide a transparent way for civil society organizations from around the world to access this data as they conduct their own human rights impact assessments.  

The Liberal amendment for a human rights reporting requirement was motivated by a desire for greater public oversight and a belief that human rights are deeply intertwined with economic opportunity. We recognize that human rights abuses in Colombia have largely resulted from violence fuelled by Colombia's illegal narco-economy which, in turn, has been perpetuated by Colombia's endemic poverty, persistently high unemployment and insufficient social infrastructure. We believe that increased political and economic engagement can help address the root causes of violence and improve the human rights situation in Colombia.

 Thank you, once again, for taking the time to write to me on this very important issue. 


 Justin P. J. Trudeau


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