Thursday, September 30, 2010


September 30, 2010
DON'T KILL YOURSELF because some lame-brained bullies have nothing better to do than tease you. Bullies are twisted ! If they were not weak and inferior, they would not be trying to focus attention on someone else. If you are different that makes you an individual. God made you one of a kind. If you are dead, you cannot contribute anything more to those you love. You leave your family and friends with heartache and grief that will last all their lives. You will hurt them most of all.

Instead, report the bullies. Even if no one responds, keep on telling the truth again and again and again. I was attacked and robbed by my own family members. You cannot imagine the agony I have suffered day and night for years. I have bone cancer because I was so completely depleted, worn out by my suffering.

The Montreal Police have done nothing but help the thief, Dawn McSweeney and those she boastfully calls her "partners in crime" on her own blog. But I just keep reporting the crime again and again because, somewhere there is someone who will do something about this outrageous abuse. I LIVE to fight for justice and you should too. You can see my story at You can fight back too. Don't give up !

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